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Etrian Odyssey III: The Drowned City, The Southern Sea, by Zach.

Notes: I wish I had made notes on the in-game map that says what item you get from what little island, because then this would have been a little bit more interesting. Sadly, all I remember is that you get sheep cheese from the island north of the main port.

[Josh says: this is just super great.  And EO is a wonderful game as far as meta-level map stuff goes, what with the built-in drawing-a-map-on-graph-paper game mechanic.]

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Hayao Miyazaki’s characters

illustration by Jori Bolton :: via


More Avengers stuff. These are done by the guy I looked up to 10 years ago in this tiny little country of ours, Blaž Porenta a.k.a. NinjaASSN. I still do.


Captain AmericaHulk, Thor and Iron Man by Blaž Porenta. He’s done a wonderful job.

These are over a year old, but I wanted to share them and now it seems like the appropriate time to do it.

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Note: our friends at 72Pins are having a sale this weekend where you purchase 3 carts and the 4th is free with checkout code VZ6846.  Go and buy cool stuff.

Also, the Fight Club cart photographed in front of Ikea is all manner of genius.

Lush Fighting Animal Testing (di Lushcosmetics)

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The Wizard of Oz by Lamech

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